PRIVACY POLICY is a web site meant to assist anyone who seeks to obtain information regarding our specific financial services. We are offering these services and products in order to empower you in these areas. We also want to ensure that is a safe site for your personal information and we have done all that we can to protect our visitors' privacy.


We offer interactive services online and we sometimes ask for contact information, e.g., your e-mail address, telephone number, address and/or fax number. This information is collected only when it is voluntarily submitted and it is used solely for the purpose of contacting you with the information requested.
Please be advised that if the information submitted is incorrect; for example, an e-mail address is misspelled, we may not be able to contact you. If an e-mail address "bounces" back to us and we have no other contact information, that data is automatically deleted. Therefore, please double-check the e-mail and other contact information you submit to us.
You are safe visiting the site because we do not sell, distribute or lease any of the information submitted here. It is only viewed by National Apartment Lending, Inc. employees and those that work on our site for us.


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