Company Overview 
  Welcome to National Apartment Lending, Inc.

We are a National Correspondent for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD and Portfolio lenders. We have the lowest interest rates, highest loan dollars and best terms for your multi-family or 4-5 star mobile home park.  At NAL we provide loan analysis, pre-underwriting, loan applications, due diligence management, and oversee the closing of every loan. We provide all of these services for you to assure that you receive the best possible loan with the smoothest loan process available in the market.

With our multi-family or mobile home park loan programs you can:

  •   Maximize your loan dollars.

  •   Increase your property’s cash flow.

  •   Pay off higher interest rate loans.

  •   Obtain cash out for any purpose such as other investments, acquisitions, renovations, improvements or pay off outside debts.

  •   Convert existing, high ceiling adjustable rate loans, into lower ceiling adjustable or fixed rate loans.

  •   Pay the current loan balance off faster.

  •   Pay off loans coming due.

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